Here we are, for part two of ‘The Hobbit’.  Many ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans will remember a similar feeling back in 2002 after ‘The Two Towers’, where you sat through another two and a half hours of a story and it still didn’t come to a conclusion.  But you feel absolutely no regret, but only eagerness and frustration when you remember you have to wait a whole year for the final part of the story.

For several years now I have heard off and on about The Icewind Dale Trilogy series, but for one reason or another I haven’t ever had the chance to read it. Now that I’ve finally gotten around to doing so, I’m sorely annoyed with myself for the fact that it’s taken me so long to read this gloriously entertaining fantasy series. R.A. Salvatore has a talent for writing and a flair for the imaginative with masterful world-building, strong characters that have personality and an authentic edge, and plots that interweave with each other to create a larger story that entertains the imagination.

One of England’s most famous legends is that of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  For decades, the legend has been interpreted in a whole host of ways ranging from Disney classic ‘The Sword in the Stone’, to 2004’s ‘King Arthur’, to 1995 adventure ‘First Knight’.  Facts vary from story to story, but what does remain the same is that it is based on a great legend…

A really important factor in the world is the weather, the weather affects us how we dress, how we eat, war on others, and the possibility of robberies, trades, commerce and most other stuff. Though the aspect of weather is often forgotten in terms of roleplay games. The heroes on their mighty quest is rarely forced to hide in cover in a cave or seek help from the rain at a stranger’s house. Both heat and cold weather along with rain, snow and drought, can all affect the game and how it ends out.

People who like medieval role-play games, is going to love pendragon! Pendragon takes all the interesting things from the medieval world and adds the skills of chivalry in to a game. It is well made and the system doesn’t block the roleplaying. There is good descriptions of everything from culture, how to become a knight. What is expected, and of cause different kind of knights to play. Be it landed lord or vassal knight, trying to earn his own land.