People who like medieval role-play games, is going to love pendragon! Pendragon takes all the interesting things from the medieval world and adds the skills of chivalry in to a game. It is well made and the system doesn’t block the roleplaying. There is good descriptions of everything from culture, how to become a knight. What is expected, and of cause different kind of knights to play. Be it landed lord or vassal knight, trying to earn his own land.

The setting sets out in the medieval England, where lords protect their land, Arthur rules from his high court, and knights are both a tool of war and of diplomacy. There is plenty of room to role-play diplomatic situations, mysterious wisps in the wood, French invasions and lordly visits.

That said, the general structure of the book is somewhat interesting, and not in a good way. The book uses expressions and rules on earlier pages that is explained later in the book. That makes it difficult to understand at first.


Bring a group of friends, bring colored pencils for sheild crests, so everyone designs their own heraldry while you help out with character creation. But – read the book through 3-4 times before, to overcome the difficult structure and the somewhat different (but positive) rules.