For several years now I have heard off and on about The Icewind Dale Trilogy series, but for one reason or another I haven’t ever had the chance to read it. Now that I’ve finally gotten around to doing so, I’m sorely annoyed with myself for the fact that it’s taken me so long to read this gloriously entertaining fantasy series. R.A. Salvatore has a talent for writing and a flair for the imaginative with masterful world-building, strong characters that have personality and an authentic edge, and plots that interweave with each other to create a larger story that entertains the imagination.

The fantasy series is filled with a wealth of characters that each have their own personality and backstory that slowly unfolds with each new page that is read. From elves to dwarf and everything in between, this series has a fantastical flair of magical creatures and characters that build upon each other and create an impression of a world so far removed for our own. I found myself eagerly reading one page to the next as the story progressed, getting lost in this epic quest of magic, evil versus good and far reaching plots that was found in the trilogy. While this book series isn’t going to become a classic with the likes of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or Frank Herbert’s Dune Chronicles, it definitely has a distinct engaging and likable quality to it that leaves an impression on the reader.

Altogether, I was so swept up in the trilogy series that I finished it in about 2 days… which if you knew me you would know that this is a testament to how much I enjoyed it (seeing as all together the trilogy comes out to a little over 1000 pages of storytelling). After finishing this I have to say that R.A. Salvatore has definitely made a fan out of me with his well-crafted storytelling, his strongly build characters that resonate with the reader and with the immensely entertaining plots that sweep you up and don’t let go until the very end.