Alot of good gamemasters stars to tell a story without having the proper planning, where the story goes great it oftens never finishes or the ending is as anti climatic as the story was great. Follow these 5 small advices to get some fast planning done and improve your overall storytelling.

I have personally never been introduced to the hobby. My own experience was reading a book and then i was stuck. You might know the book type, where you are being a part of an adventure, and make decisions and go to a page depending on the choise you made. After that i moved on making similar adventures for friends, and character sheets evolved from 3 simple stats ”strength”, ”magica” and ”health” in to very advanced character sheets that took hours to fill out. We all had our different stories on how we got introduced. Most people have been dragged to the game by some enthusiast player who would like someone else to enjoy their hobby to the same degree as they do. And this is usually where the problems start. The seasoned player forgets to introduce the new player to the hobby and expects the friend to know everything that the game is about. So lets start at the beginning.

The most important thing about any kind of roleplay is the interaction and cooperation between fictive characters that the players or participants are identifying themselves with. This is true no matter if you are playing pen and paper, massive multiplayer online roleplay games, or if it is the kind you do in school or work used for training purposes.

And so, our story begins

As always when passionate about a hobby, one will try to introduce friends and loved ones because one wants the ones close to share the fun one have when doing it. This applies to every kind of-hobby no matter if it is water skiing, trekking, (star-trekking) and of cause roleplaying games. Though the reputation still isn’t that good, and still considered geeky, it has increased the last 15 years with increased positive publicity from media and movies with larger budgets.

There is a lot of nice dungeon creators on the internet, some for download and someone to use directly in the browser. But mostly there is tiny flaws with those creators, some are too advanced, and pretty expensive building on professional CAD software that takes time to learn, and not something you want to pull out 5 minutes before your big session, others are auto generated and you lack the influences you would want to adapt the dungeon to your scenario. And others lack the possibility to Save and reload or even worse, to export as a picture, so you need take a screenshot that you need to paste and crop.