A thing that is often overlooked in a roleplaying universe is the laws, many role-players successfully get away with brawls in inns or gunfights in bars. It happens more than often that establishments are self-enforced, where there either is bouncers at the door helping keeping order or the bar keeper either is big enough to throw out trouble, or is covering behind the desk hoping not much is destroyed in the process.

While this might be realistic in a remote outpost, an inn on the way to the big city or the illegal biker bar in the dessert. But in cities or towns, the guard is more likely to come by and arrest any trouble, and in more remote and lawless places, everyone is getting arrested and the town/cityguard is more likely to come in larger numbers.

Role-players also tend to show force to those they fight. Using whatever weapon they are proficient with, and this often gets a lethal outcome for whomever they choose to fight. Though killing people in roleplaying games might feel like the Wild West, where no law and enforcement is there, it is often considered wrong in larger cities and somewhere punishable by death.

A game master could divide the known world in to regions, writing down the basic laws for each region the laws could include:

Weapon laws

  • ·         Weapons are allowed to be carried at all times.
  • ·         Weapons are allowed to be carried if they are visible. (Not concealed)
  • ·         Weapons are allowed to be carried with a permit that is public available.
  • ·         Weapons are allowed to be carried with a permit that is public available but cost money.
  • ·         Weapons are allowed to be carried with a permit that has requirements. (Military, guard, royal)
  • ·         Weapons are not allowed. (Mostly space stations where weapons can make hull breaches)

Killing laws

  • ·         Killing is punished by fines.
  • ·         Killing is punished by jail.
  • ·         Killing is punished by death.
  • ·         Killing is not punished.


  • ·         Stealing is punished by community service.
  • ·         Stealing is punished by fines.
  • ·         Stealing is punished by jail.
  • ·         Stealing is punished by death.
  • ·         Stealing is not punished.

An easy and fun way to implement the new or existing laws would to get a herald to nail a parchment to the door of some public place yelling out the new rules in town.

This could also be a plot starter, having people rebel about outrageous laws and start a civil war. A friend are in jail, this could be a fun jail bust scenario with a lot of sneaking and lock picking for the rogues the possibilities are endless.