It doesn’t matter what kind of game you play, if it is computer games, board games or role play games. Economy have always been an important factor in the games we play, it suits as a balancer between progress and power. Sometimes items can be acquired through money and depending on what or where your focus is it is growing near exponentially from the beginning to the end.

The rewards in games are getting larger the more you progress, in board games you are able to make larger investments that with or without equal risk allows you to earn a larger amount of money through the progress of the game.

In role play games especially fantasy the exchange rate is often 1:10 based, meaning 1 gold = 10 silver, and 1 silver = 10 copper pieces. In shadow run there is 10 dollar to a New Yen. But this is where the game world can influence the game. Make a bit of flavor!

First of all, due to math problems and uneducated societies in the medieval times most ancient and old coinage was twelve based, if you had 3 eggs for 1 silver how much is one? If the coin is 12 based, it is possible to say that 1 egg is 4 copper pieces. And since 12 also is dividable with 4 if the neighbor has 4 eggs for a silver, you only have to pay 3 copper of cause!

For traders who are traveling to foreign areas with their goods, and didn’t possess the right coinage, carried small squared bars that was divided in to 12 pieces, if they needed to pay for something without having the right amount of copper or silver, they could turn their larger squared coin in to one or more smaller coins.

In horror worlds like world of darkness or Call of Cthulhu, there is a natural exchange rate where you are going to another country, you can either use the current exchange rate, or make a fast dice roll.

And the system does not need to be too advanced, in fact it could fast be a game killer, if you spend more time exchanging money than playing. But actually playing the exchange from a load of smaller coins to larger, no matter if it is New Yen to dollar or if it is Copper to gold. And remember the bank takes a fee for the exchange.

If you decide to go with the idea of changing currencies, consider using our currency exchange tool. Or make your own. A small and fast web page can easily run on the smartphones we got today, so you can do fast calculations without bringing a large computer or laptop.