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There is a lot of nice dungeon creators on the internet, some for download and someone to use directly in the browser. But mostly there is tiny flaws with those creators, some are too advanced, and pretty expensive building on professional CAD software that takes time to learn, and not something you want to pull out 5 minutes before your big session, others are auto generated and you lack the influences you would want to adapt the dungeon to your scenario. And others lack the possibility to Save and reload or even worse, to export as a picture, so you need take a screenshot that you need to paste and crop.

And then there is pyromancers dungeon painter online. It is a free online tool that you can use to make a simple dungeon in a few minutes. Of cause it is not so fast as generators and not as advanced and detailed as the expensive cad programs. But you get everything you want, a decent library of sprites, the possibility to save to disk and export as png, jpeg or even PDF. And of cause you can export it to their own screencast software so you can run the dungeon from a distance, in case you are playing over skype or other voice over IP.

Just a few tips when you get startet.

  1. 1. Use groups. This cannot be stressed enough.
  2. 2. Lay out floor, then walls and then interior and décor. Group like this. Floor, décor, walls.
  3. 3. Place walls from the top left and to the bottom right. Then you don’t need to rearrange the walls to get the shadows right.
  4. 4. Save a lot. Maybe a bit more often that you normally would.
  5. 5. Sketch on a paper first what you think you would like. The drawing are is a bit small and large dungeons can get difficult to navigate.

Example map is in the download section: pyromancer-test-map