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As always when passionate about a hobby, one will try to introduce friends and loved ones because one wants the ones close to share the fun one have when doing it. This applies to every kind of-hobby no matter if it is water skiing, trekking, (star-trekking) and of cause roleplaying games. Though the reputation still isn’t that good, and still considered geeky, it has increased the last 15 years with increased positive publicity from media and movies with larger budgets.

First thing to remember is that you cannot force a hobby down on anyone. You can introduce the game to someone and then they have to make their own opinion about it. Roleplaying games is some part acting, and people think that kind of acting is to move out of their own comfort zone. Second, roleplaying-games just isn’t for everyone – And it is a good idea to remember this.

A few tips to introduce the game to others:

So remember, take it slow, and don’t force something that isn’t meant to be. Start on their terms. Don’t be afraid to be in game a lot the first few sessions, try to start a spark, and let them experience the fun.

I’m not saying it is a fool proof recipe, but it will almost always increase your chances. Don’t forget to mix this with a spoon of common sense.