It have happened that you went out to a dungeon and missed gear, something important that you wish you brought in the first place. Now we have compiled a list of stuff to bring to the dungeon so you are absloutely sure that you atleast did what you could. Stuff to bring For the dungeon


Of cause you are gonna need supplies, you are going to walk around underground for hours maybe days. Dried bread, fruit and meat is a nice fast meal to eat on the go. Watered down wine or beer is a good addition also, water quality in most fantasy worlds arent the best so drink wine or beer, the alcohol works as disinfection removing most bacterias. But water it down, no one can use a drunken sword wielder.


Rope might be one of the most important things you can bring. It can be used for hoisting materials down, climbing up somewhere, tying humanoids that shouldnt be there, and alother of other stuff that you and I didn't think of yet. One of your most usefull tools. Don't cheap on this part.


Lamp oil, it can be used for burning, so you got light, burning through materials, smoking out monsters, make stuff slippery and to prevent hinges from sounding when you sneak up on the innocent goblin standing cooking it's sausage over the fire in front of you.


You are gonna need light underground. Bring torches, and bring more than one. If posible bring a slave to hold it for you. Light is essential for combat, navigating, but remember, you are easier to see if you are carrying a lit torch.

A small chest and cloth bags:

You are going there for treasure! When you find the treasure you look at it and remember you went trough all this trouble and forgot something to carry treasure in. Bags and chest are the way forward here.

Cots or rolls

Well you have to sleep at some time, why not do it comfortable. Get a folding cot, it doesent take much space and you can sleep comfortable everywhere. If the cot is too fancy for you you can always use a bed roll or a blanket instead. It works for the simple man.


If you know what kind of dungeon you are going to you might know what kind of tool you need. Pickaxes and large hammers are often needed depending on the dungeon. But at least bring a crowbar. It is good for prying open doors and open chests.