We are halfway through November and here on the editorial the dwarfs are running around beardless. If you haven’t heard about it November is all about shaving your beard and collecting money for prostate cancer.

When running as a game master you don’t want to be strict all the time, sometimes you would allow people to have possessions that they didn’t write on their character sheet, for the sake of probability, and the sense of the game. People are in a market city, a player would like his character to eat an apple, but didn’t write an apple on his sheet, for the sake of the game flow, instead of playing that he goes to the market stand and buy an apple, you allow him to have an apple in his bag, or he might be on a ship where there is a lot of rope, he don’t need to have rope on his sheet to tie someone up.

It have happened that you went out to a dungeon and missed gear, something important that you wish you brought in the first place. Now we have compiled a list of stuff to bring to the dungeon so you are absloutely sure that you atleast did what you could. Stuff to bring For the dungeon

Sometimes the rules for gurps can be a bit confusing, and since you can customize gurps precisely the way you want it, there are many ways to do what you want.

GURPS Character Generator 4e, helps you make the characters fast and easy. It got a quick list of all advantages, disadvantages, skills and Quirks. It got all the page numbers written down so you don't miss out on a skill you didn't read through.