It doesn’t matter what kind of game you play, if it is computer games, board games or role play games. Economy have always been an important factor in the games we play, it suits as a balancer between progress and power. Sometimes items can be acquired through money and depending on what or where your focus is it is growing near exponentially from the beginning to the end.

A thing that is often overlooked in a roleplaying universe is the laws, many role-players successfully get away with brawls in inns or gunfights in bars. It happens more than often that establishments are self-enforced, where there either is bouncers at the door helping keeping order or the bar keeper either is big enough to throw out trouble, or is covering behind the desk hoping not much is destroyed in the process.

Weather generator, roll the designated dices and note thee response depending on the zone of your area, and time of year.

Many role-players comes from educated societies where, according to statistics, subjects such as religion, slavery, sex and many other topics are considered taboo. This is often transferred in to the roleplaying game. But this is where a player have to put their own norms aside, and consider what is normal for their characters. Though a player might want to explain to the other players, specially incase that he is playing in a new group, that his characters opinions are not related to his own.

Mark Plemmons, the creator of Corporia a Kickstarter entrepreneur was so kind as to give us an exclusive interview, telling us about his up and comming game, a mix of Camelot and Corporate. An exiting new mix with alot of new flavours. Mark tells us about his background, what drives the game and how to put a game with such different characteristics together in to something that looks amazing.