Corporia Envelope

Today when i opened my mailbox there was this distinct brown package. Wondering what just arraived, as i ripped open the brown envelope, i saw out of the corner of my eye ”From: Mark Plemmons”, in a split second i realized that the Corporial Rulebook has arraived, my heart rate raised and i took a hold and ripped the brown envelope up, just to find a white USPS envelope inside.

Star Wars

Whether you love it or hate it, this is arguably the most famous film series ever.  Everyone will recognise the iconic lightsaber battles, the dramatic love stories, and the greatest reveal in cinematic history, but these are just a fraction of what has made this film series endure the test of time.  Though the originals did not have the CGI capabilities, the effects somehow work and add to the character of the film.  The later films rely upon CGI for their effects, but again somehow this goes hand in hand with the originals, and adds to the series in its own way.  George Lucas is a genius.