Today when i opened my mailbox there was this distinct brown package. Wondering what just arraived, as i ripped open the brown envelope, i saw out of the corner of my eye ”From: Mark Plemmons”, in a split second i realized that the Corporial Rulebook has arraived, my heart rate raised and i took a hold and ripped the brown envelope up, just to find a white USPS envelope inside.

First glance of the book it was everything i expected. And Mark Plemmons own fear of the thicknes sof the paper is almost non existant, except from an occational fear of bending the pages, and with a carefull hand it don't happen.

The pages are fancy and the font is easy to read, we already know what is inside the book from the PDF that was released prior to the book. So that part wasn't a suprise, but holding it my hands was a different experience.

The book have two physical features that i really like, something that makes it unique to other books. It is a smaller format, that means that it is easier to pack in your bag going somewhere. Something that sometimes have proven dificult with other books, that now have a designated bag in my home office. The other part is the binding. It is bound in a way so the book can lie flat on the table, open without closing it self.

Now the next challenge will be to find someone to test the game with.